The state legislature recently passed a new law that guarantees all Michigan workers the ability to earn paid time off to care for themselves or a sick loved one. But some lawmakers in the Lansing have signaled their intent to weaken the new law, or completely repeal it before it can take effect.

Contact your legislator today tell them to protect sick time for Michigan families!




Act now to protect Michigan’s earned paid sick time law!

Thanks to more than 380,000 concerned Michigan residents who signed and gathered petitions demanding action on this issue, the legislature recently passed a law that guarantees all Michigan workers can earn paid sick time.

For too many working families, a minor illness has traditionally presented a major dilemma — miss out on a day’s pay to get better or go to work sick. Thanks to the new law, families no longer need to make this tough choice.

We must act now to protect this common-sense policy! Some lawmakers are planning to weaken or even completely repeal this law before families can benefit from it.

Why protect paid sick time?

No one should have to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one and putting food on the the table. The earned paid sick time law will have  a positive effect on the health, education and economic prosperity of millions of Michiganders. In brief, this new law:

  • Expands access to earned paid sick leave to 1.6 million private sector workers
  • Ensures 1.5 million Michigan children  are able to stay home with a parent when sick
  • Protects workers from losing their  job when they fall ill or need to care for a family member
  • Improves employee productivity and morale while reducing turnover
  • Prevents the spread of illness, not just in individual workplaces, but across the community
  • Reduces the spread of illness and chronic absenteeism in schools

How does the law work?

Under the new law Michigan workers are guaranteed to earn at least one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked — up to a minimum of either 40 or 72 hours per year depending on the size of their employer.